TONIGHT: skate skills training


We are really really really really really pleased to add a second session to our roller derby weekly training! Being the competitive bunch that we are, we’ve decided to use this session for skate skills.

We will be opening the doors to one and all who are interested in roller derby and skating! Seasoned skaters and beginners alike, this is the session for you!!

If your sat there thinking, hang on I can barely stand up and roll on my skates never mind play a game on them!! Then this is the session for you, this is where we can help you get the basics and have you skating round the track in no time!!

If on the other hand you sat there thinking, I’ve got the skate skills, I’ve been skating for a while, I almost live on my wheels!! This is too easy for me, then enter the lovely Kelly bramhall, who I guarantee will improve your technique on what you already know, and more than likely find something new for you to learn or improve at!

At Arcadia we know we can always improve not only our skate skills but our team-mates skate skills too, so come and join us. If you can’t make tonight, there’s always next Monday, or the one after, or the one after that…

I think you get the gist, every Monday, 6-8pm, Arcadia skate skills :)

Get your skates on ;) see you there folks

Ray x