No Bullshit, No Politics, No Plans for World Domination

We’re a simple club, you turn up, you skate, you go home.

We play as often as we can, we scrim weekly and we train once a week.

£20/month no strings attached

Once you’ve learnt to skate you’re on a team

we teach you the rules, we bring you into the group, we just need you to be willing to learn and be as hard as nails

Sometimes you just want to hit your friends

That’s why we play roller derby


Arcadia Roller Derby was founded on the principles of inclusion, fairness and respect. All of our skaters, coaches, referees, officials, administrators and promoters are volunteers who do what they do out of the love of the sport and the love of the team.

We provide women, of all ages, the opportunity to participate in and excel at sport. Regardless of age, background, social standing or experience our doors are open to all to be a part of the loving caring Arcadia Roller Derby Family.


Our aims are simple, our approach is mature, our teamwork is our strength and our sport is our passion.


I was looking for a hobby; I found a family.
When I was trying to prove myself: I found courage I didn’t know I had.
I found love and support I have never known.
I was looking for speed; I found freedom.
I found ARD.

Cat Hughes – Referee

I needed something to do that was a fun way of keeping me fit, I was taken to a training session for an hour and stayed for four! I met my ARD family and felt like I was home. Lots of new skills and lots of laughs. ARD for life.

Joan Hammond – Skater

I have never stuck at anything that was sport or fitness related, joining ARD changed all that. I now have learnt skills I could only dream of as a teen (who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks), I’m willingly working on my fitness. I have some amazing new friends who are now like family and I can’t imagine life without ARD in it.

Paula Jones – Skater

As said in one of my favourite movies, “It’s not just about talent, it’s about heart. It about who can go out there and play the hardest”

At ARD, we have both. I am so happy to have found such an amazing derby family and I couldn’t be prouder to be part of it!


Angela Murray – Referee

At the beginning of 2016 I had a bucket list of things to do that year. Learning to rollerskating being the top one. My friend Hip wrecker persuaded me to join the ‘Make yourself proud’ session and I’ve never looked back. I’ve never been part of a team but now I am and I’ve met an awesome bunch of new crazy friends in the process. I’m so excited about what 2017 holds for us as a team and a family.

Bec Foley – Skater

I moved to Manchester in 2013. I knew no one. Roller Derby was my way to make new friends, improve my fitness and unwind from a hectic work life. ARD gave me that and so much more. I gained a family. The love, support, acceptance and talent that oozes out of every member of ARD is remarkable. I’m so proud to say, “I skate with Arcadia Roller Derby”!

Hannah Macdonald – Vice Captain

I have always been that geeky kid, picked last for rounders, I never would have imagined I could find a team sport that I could play. But more surprising than that is the joy of finding an accepting, supportive family. I may be leaving soon but I too will be forever ARD!

Shona Wood – Skater

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

Katy Galley – Captain

After a long time off skates I never imagined I would be involved with this amazing team who welcomed me in like a long lost member of the family. I’m proud to be involved, I’m very grateful for all the help and support, and I am now and forever ARD!!

Natasha Goodall – Skater

It is a privilege and an honour to be a part of this amazing family. ARD is more than just a team, it is a solid unit of support, friendship, encouragement and achievement; the people make this team special and I’m grateful to have been accepted as one of them.

Sharron Mooks – Coach


Fred 7331

Fred 7331

Fred is our chosen captain for the 2017 season.

We have chosen her for her solid leadership skills, her no nonsense approach to babble and bullshit and her amazing ability to question anything that deviates slightly from the rules.

Fred is an extremely versatile skater, she came to us with a background in skateboarding and quickly took to quads like a duck to water. Fred is passionate about playing in all positions on the track to fully grasp the finer points of strategy and gameplay in order to improve her performance. A much loved member of the ARD family, she has time for each and every member of the club both on and off the track.

Freds game face of total boredom and disdain add to her charm, couple this with her blunt questioning and matter of fact approach to rules and strategy and Fred is one of the most amazingly lucid and big picture players this sport has ever seen.

We are proud to introduce you to our captain for 2017, Fred.

SmackDonald 23

SmackDonald 23

Sound the Purple Burglar Alarm there has been a Murder!

Smack is our chosen Vice Captain for the 2017 Season

As one of our most experienced skaters Smack is one of the keystones of our team. She brings strength and confidence to every wall she makes, and when we let her jam she knocks seven shades of strength and confidence out of every wall she breaks.

Smack can skate, she came from a background of inline street skating in the badlands of Dundee quads were a simple transition for her and the mildness of the Manchester weather means you often see her standing outside practice in shorts and a t-shirt no matter what the weather.

We are very proud to introduce you to SmackDonald, she is a favourite among the family and an invaluable asset to our team



Bird O Prey 4

Bird O Prey 4

Surely you mean Charlie 1?

Charlie 1 is the mum of one of the rising stars of UK Roller Hockey, her skating skills and experience are out of this world. Upon arrival in 2013, Charlie 1 was a master on inline street skating and quickly took to quads. Spending countless hours every week watching, coaching and participating in premiership level quad hockey, Charlie 1 is one of our most valuable skaters and one of our most loved family members.

Charlie 1 (Bird O’Prey), has a core made of iron and this is never more apparent than when anyone attempts to hit her or is unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end of a block. Charlie 1 is made of steel and is a force to be reckoned with.

We are proud to introduce Bird O’Prey as part of our 2017 squad

Ginger Fear 77

Ginger Fear 77

A returning skater from Arcadia of old, Ginger Fear is an excellent addition to our 2017 squad.

Ginger Fear is more than just a skater, she is the voice of reason, calm, logic and sense within the pack. Her extensive experience in the world of roller derby shines through every time she steps foot on the track, from positioning, to pack play to locking down jammers, Ginger Fear doesn’t just know it all she lives and breathes it all.

Ginger Fear is an excellent resource for the team and the wider family, her extensive knowledge and her proactive approach to learning and coaching bring both the team and the wider family an indispensable asset which we both value and adore.

We love it when Ginger Fear jams, no wall ever holds her back and no points ever get lost.

We are proud to introduce you to Ginger Fear for the 2017 season

MC Hamer

MC Hamer

Determination is written all over MC Hamers face every time she stands poised on the jam line, with endless experience gained in the roller discos of the 80s and 90s. This pint sized hero, the other half of the Sisters of Mercy has been an excellent addition to our 2017 squad.

Speed, agility and out of this world moves are the speciality of MC Hamer, she constantly dazzles us with her amazing displays of on-skates acrobatics and her super fast feet. A strong contender to beat record laps in 5 minutes, MC Hamer brings the team an insurmountable level of inspiration and aspiration. We are looking forward to rolling MC Hamer out in the 2017 season and have her show the world the moves she regularly busts out.

MC Hamer is much loved and admired member of the ARD family and we are proud to introduce her to the world as part of our 2017 Team

JK Rollin 320

JK Rollin 320

Its always refreshing when someone turns up out of the blue already in possession of immense skating skills, JK Rollin rocked up to training in mid 2016 and quickly established herself as a force to be reckoned with. Sailing through minimum skills and picking up the finer points of strategy and tactics like second nature, JK Rollin has fast become a key player in the ARD team.

JK Rollin is an integral part of the ARD family, she is a go to resource when any skater needs help with creativity, art or general inspiration. She is one of the most sunny and radiant personalities on our team and can still lul us into a false sense of security before smashing us into walls or giving us rainbow bruises that last for weeks at a time.

JK Rollin is equally at home in the pack as she is with a star on her head, her skating skills are out of this world and her smile makes us all happy every single day.

We are proud to announce that for 2017, JK Rollin will be ARD

El Barto 8891

El Barto 8891

For 2017 we are proud to introduce you to El Barto.

Before 2016 El Barto couldn’t skate at all, she is a product of our make yourself proud programme and she has done more than make herself proud, she has made her whole ARD family proud. El Barto is our official queen of ploughs, once her feet are planted, El Barto cannot be moved for love nor money, couple this immense stopping power with her fearsome game face and El Barto has cemented herself as an essential part of any pack.

El Barto brings something unique to the team, her hyper analytical mind helps us all pick apart what is working, why it is working and how to improve. Without El Barto’s input we couldn’t have progressed at the pace and rate we have in 2016, she is one of the unsung heroes at ARD and we are proud to call her one of our own.

El Barto has arrived and will be representing ARD in the 2017 season

Charlie Storm 740

Charlie Storm 740

Surely you mean Charlie 2?

Charlie 2 is a recent addition to our squad, picking up eons of experience with 2 other teams, she brings fresh ideas and alternate tactics to our squad. Charlie 2 has fast become the voice of the pack, her communication is relentless and she commands power and authority on track.

A key member of our walls, Charlie 2 directs and controls every pack and is a master of landing killer blocks which will hit the most seasoned of jammers and blockers straight to the ground. She has quickly become a valued member of our family, giving her time freely to less experienced skaters and helping them grasp the finer points of minimum skills. What other teams lost, we have certainly gained, Charlie 2 is a key member of our squad and our family.

We are proud to announce that for 2017, Charlie Storm, is ARD

Vamps 85

Vamps 85

Vamps is a returning skater from the Arcadia of old. She is an immense force both as a blocker and as a jammer. Its rare for a team at this level to have a skater who is as skilled and knowledgable as Vamps.

Vamps is an all rounder, in every aspect of life she does well, and as a part of our team she does spectacularly well both on an individual level and for the confidence and ability of the rest of the team. Vamps leads by example and uses her hyper awareness to deftly command any pack or destroy any wall.

A more recent addition to our family Vamps has fit in perfectly, her patience and deep knowledge means she is a go to for quick questions, tips and all round advice on improving skating. She is an invaluable member of our team and we love Vamps.

We are proud to introduce, for our 2017 season, Vamps

Goodwall 175

Goodwall 175

Bring on the Wall!

Goodwalls skating journey began before there was facebook, before there was broadband and possibly before she could walk! Goodwall hails from the world of artistic skating, and because of this she is graceful like a swan, elegant like gazelle and as hard and effective at stopping as a brick wall!

You know you have a hard as nails blocker when the coaches goal is to be able to floor you, to date Goodwall has surpassed her name and not just been a good or great wall, but is an unpassable, immense and unforgiving wall. When Goodwall jams its like watching 10 pin bowling as blockers just scatter and fall.

We have no idea how we got Goodwall, but we’re never letting her go. She is a key member of our team and most importantly a beloved member of our family. We couldnt cross and gain effortless speed the way we do without her ongoing instruction and we wouldnt be willing to hit as hard as we do without a wall making us do it week in week out.

2017 watch out, we are bringing Goodwall

Hipwrecker 1501

Hipwrecker 1501

We are proud to introduce Hipwrecker Hammond.

Throughout 2016, Hipwrecker took advantage of mixed scrims and guest skating opportunities to upskill in preparation for the 2017 season. This invaluable experience has taken Hipwrecker from a standard jammer to becoming a fearless jamming machine with the strength,agility and awareness to be one of the most elusive and underestimated jammers in our squad.

Hipwrecker is more than just a fearless jammer though, her heightened awareness and direct communication make her one of the most taxing blockers to attempt to dodge, weave or juke. Hipwrecker has no fear, she has no limits and she is ARD through and through. She is a much loved part of our family, we suspect the secret leader of craft club, and the one person we can always rely on to be amazingly spontaneously creative.

For the 2017 season we are proud to bring you Hipwrecker

Josie Jump 26

Josie Jump 26

We are proud to introduce Josie Jump as part of our 2017 squad.

Josie is the newest member of our family but not to be underestimated. She nailed minimum skills in record time and is currently absorbing tactics and strategy like a sponge. Josie Jump is a fresh from the make yourself proud mould and ready to jump into action for the 2017 season.

Her quiet demeanour and modest attitude to her ability should not lul you into a sense of security, this woman is hard as nails and will knock the wind right out of you as soon as look at you. We are very proud of the super fast progress Josie has made and will be looking forward to seeing her perform in games during the 2017 season.

Beware 2017, Josie Jump has arrive and is ARD



Behind every great team is equally great people, Stevenson is surely one of the greatest ARD have.

Not just content with being an awesome skater, Stevenson took time out in 2016 to master the art of refereeing, further cementing her knowledge of the rules and the finer aspects of gameplay, she has also turned her hand to NSOing and has finally returned to the squad as a fountain of knowledge and an expert on the technicalities of the game.

Stevenson is a key part of our ARD family both on and off the track, she is there as a mentor and a resource for all things inside and outside of roller derby, without her we would be lost and we value her immensely.

We are exceedingly proud to introduce Stevenson as part of our 2017 squad

Shequinn 3677

Shequinn 3677


Do you know anyone who can do 2 x park runs, then do a 2 hour on skates fitness session, then go on and do a further 2 hours of footwork all at 110% ?? If anyone can, Sehquinn and her weave can!

Just to be clear it is Shequinn and she doesn’t have a weave, but she is some kind of mad fitness machine and has now mastered skating, so there is no stopping her. Shequinn could be a poster girl for the roller derby revolution, not only could she not stand up on skates when she first joined, but she also couldnt get to grips with moving at speed… our one regreat with Shequinn is that we havent made a “Then vs Now” video of the amazing amount of progress this woman has made both as a skater and as an all round athlete. Shequinns slow burn through minimum skills did give her one major advantage, she has had the chance to learn strategy and tactics inside out and upside down, meaning she holds a wealth of useful information, tips and tools to make the team harder, faster and stronger.

Shequinn is a strong, versatile, agile and powerful pack player, she is one to watch for the 2017 season, and we at ARD are proud to introduce the world to her as one of our family. Meet Shequinn!

RayBanned 263

RayBanned 263

Time do you call this?

Ray is a returning skater from the Arcadia of old. A fairly recent addition to the family, she has slotted in nicely like a long lost, always late, mostly random but much beloved uncle with a unique perspective on the game.  Rays signature look is of surprise, bemusement and all round confusion; but underneath it all RayBanned is extremely lucid, clued up and knowledgeable about gameplay.

It rare to find a skater who can make you smile simply by getting on with skating, both in the pack and with a star on her head Rays unique approach to balance and her amazing ability to defy gravity, common sense and generally the laws of physics make her one of the most entertaining and pleasurable skaters to watch in action.

It is with great pleasure that we introduce to you, fo the 2017 season, RayBanned

Murph 1939

Murph 1939

We are proud to introduce Murph.

Murph is a unique skater in our team, she unknowingly brings a sense of calm and order to her packs, almost giving off the impression that she can slow down time and give everyone those precious miliseconds in which to recognise, react and adapt. Starting from ground zero just over a year ago, Murphs skating journey has seen constant growth, improvement and leaps in ability and confidence.

A key figure in any pack she is thrown in, Murph is also a skilled and strong jammer, disregarding the current trend to hop and wriggle around, murph uses her strength, speed and keep eye for opportunity to destroy walls and pummel opposing blockers.

As a part of the family Murph is well loved, her learning journey has been supported by all, so now she has stepped into the limelight we can all celebrate the hard work, effort and amazing attitude that has got her to where she is today.

World, meet Murph, we are proud to have her on our team

Shona Mercy 2364

Shona Mercy 2364


Shona Mercy may be the name she has taken but Shorts is the name she has been given. Shorts, over the past year, has become an agile little whippet of a jammer, small enough to sneak through the slightest crack or gap in a wall and fast enough to be out and back round before a pack knows whats hit it.

Coming from never playing team sports in her life, arriving being unable to skate and sporting the most audacious shorts week in and week out, Shorts (Shona Mercy) is a team favourite. She has helped every single skater in the club, she has unerring patience, deep knowledge and a truly unique way of explaining things that helps everyone be able to learn, understand and master their skills.

Watching the progression of Shorts from non skater to, alright skater to passed mins skater, to “oooh she’s a pretty good” skater and now to Best Jammer has been an epic tear jerking story of passion, love, accomplishment and most of all pride. Our pint sized hero is our pride and joy and she will be leaving us by the end of the 2017 season to pursue a life of 24 hour darkness and polar bears.

We are immensely proud to introduce, for the 2017 season only, Shona Mercy aka Shorts

Potty P 1976

Potty P 1976

Potty P is the type of skater every roller derby team needs, she is solid in her knowledge of the game, a vital and much loved part of the family and the one person you can always guarantee will be finding unique and “different” things to do on roller skates.

Potty P is the roller derby dream, she hadn’t played team sports before joining, she couldnt skate at all upon entry and has had to work hard to master each and every skill the game has thrown at her to get to where she is today. Potty P is the poster girl for sticking with it, working hard and results happening. Potty P is invaluable to the coaching and mentoring squad at ARD without her ongoing nurturing and support both on and off the track, our family would be only a mere shadow of what it is today.

On the track Potty P is an outstanding blocker with a level of versatility and awareness second to none. She has worked hard to secure her place in the squad and is an integral member of the club.

We are proud to introduce you to Potty P for the 2017 season

Buckers 8008

Buckers 8008

Buckers Buckers Buckers…

Really Buckers should have her own website, she controls the matrix, she can be found on top of hills and mountains, she has the most hectic of social calendars known to man and she loves eating babies and herding goats. Buckers is a formidable skater and an invaluable asset to any pack, she is every jammers worst nightmare and every friendly blockers best asset.

There seems to have never been a time when Buckers couldn’t skate but in preparation for the 2017 season Buckers has perfected her ability to land killer blows and spectacular blocks. We are very lucky to have Buckers on our team she is the social glue that holds our family together and always makes each and every one of us smile every day.

We are proud to introduce Buckers to the world in our 2017 season


Freebird 305

Freebird 305

5 more laps!!

For 2017 we are proud to introduce you to Freebird our resident baker and fitness extraordinaire.

It would be fair to say that training would not be the same without Freebird. Not just for the amazing array of culinary delights she provides to everyone every week, nor for the pure motivation this woman provides as she skates round and round and round like a Duracell bunny but for her humility and modesty as she claims to know nothing but somehow is able to do everything. As the leader of our on skates fitness sessions, Freebird runs a fast paced, high energy, extremely sweat filled session.

On the track Freebird is just as versatile as off it, she is effective both as a jammer and in the pack and has a wide array of tactics and strategies to combat most scenarios. Freebird has taken her time to gel into roller derby, and because of this, she has cemented herself as well and truly one of the family. She is loved by all for who she is, how she is and how she looks after us.




Coach, Manager, Line up

Coach, Manager, Line up

This is Sebastian.
Sebastian is the oldest and most original member of ARD, in fact without Sebastian there would be no ARD. Sebastian is our mascot, standing at only 5ft, possibly the shortest mascot a team has ever had.
Though short in stature our mascot is full to the brim of squishy useful stuff. A vital cog in our team, keeping everything running like clockwork, not just a pretty face, but the actual motherboard of the machine.
When you walk into ARD, Sebastian will be the first to offer skate skills. And being a seasoned skater, wheel biter, counsellor, crazy arm waver, best friend, and a whole wealth of knowledge which extents way beyond the limits of roller derby – you couldn’t find any one better to also be a team coach.
When your stood like a goat in headlights trying to get your head around a new skill (whether that’s standing in skates or a 2 wheeled transition), Sebastian is the goat for you, each skill has its own story or scenario to give us the confidence and knowledge to nail the skill. Even if we insist on knowing the angle of every muscle, bone & ligament, Sebastian has a wealth of experience and a way with words which is unique, inspiring and hilarious all at the same time. Eventually we realise that what the goat said in the first place was spot on – Just don’t over think it!
It takes a very special kind of mascot to to stand behind the lime light, to stand behind a dysfunctional family, and knit together a team, building our confidence week in, week out.
Without Sebastian there would be no ARD, there would be no skating, there would be no team, because of that Sebastian is not only a very important mascot, but the most important member of Team ARD and the fuel to the derby fire that burns in all of us.

This is Sebastian. ARD Mentor. ARD Original. ARD Optimist. ARD Kaizen. ARD Spirit.

Tori Bee – Coach & Bench

Tori Bee – Coach & Bench

Imagine for a moment you could take all of the known knowledge of roller derby on earth and condense it down to 5ft2s worth of superstar, apply a thick layer of raw energy and enthusiasm and then dust liberally with the most down to earth and affable of personalities and you might come close to cloning your very own Tori Bee.

You cant, of course, clone your own Tori Bee, she is truly unique in every way.

Despite us all trying to nick her snacks, feed her up full of cake and try to lead her astray we have somehow bagged, what we believe to be, the greatest and most amazing coach in UK Roller Derby today. There is nothing this woman doesn’t know, hasn’t already done and isn’t willing to make us do to become the best we can be.

We are extremely lucky to say that Tori Bee is a part of our family, and we are immensely proud to announce that Tori Bee is our Bench Manager and Coach for the 2017 season.

If you run a team and want your very own bit of Tori Bee, Click here to Contact her via facebook to book her to coach your team

C3P0 – Head NSO

C3P0 – Head NSO

Queen of the stats!

C3P0 is one of the unsung heroes of ARD, relentlessly working away in the background with a mission to upskill, educate and enlighten the rest of the family. Without C3P0’s input our team would be a shadow of what it is today, our players wouldnt know their relative strengths and weaknesses, our coaches wouldnt be able to craft relevant training plans and the rest of our officials wouldnt have a clue what they were doing without the support of this woman.

Nobody knows how we attracted C3P0 but she is the glue that holds our family together, she is often the first person our newer people meet and get to know and she is the greatest and most amazing nerd ever to cross the threshold at our humble little sports hall

C3P0 is ours, we love her to pieces and we are very proud to call her our Head NSO

Cat – Referee

Cat – Referee

Cat is a new addition to our ref crew for 2017, and she has thrown herself into this role like no other. Cat is close to being able to recite rules by number reference and her super organised and highly efficient learning methods have seen her master the intricacies of refereeing in record time. During 2016 Cat was on course to become one of our team superstars, but was set back with injury. In true ARD fashion, she didn’t let this stop her and hasnt given up on her mission; turning her hand to refereeing, Cat has cemented herself firmly as a valued member of our family and a most trusted resource on the rules of roller derby.

We are looking forward to welcoming Cat back to our skating squad in 2018, but for 2017 we are proud to introduce you to our most able and capable referee, Cat


Golden Snitch – Referee

Golden Snitch – Referee

Why would you even do that?

Golden Snitch, Snitch, Snitch face, Snitchy.. or as we know her best “The woman who puts her hands into the mouths of goats”. We could write an entire trilogy of epic novels on the reasons why we love Golden Snitch, she is one of the most enigmatic, original and utterly endearing characters in the entire family. Her journey to refereeing greatness has been a saga filled with hilarity, humility and many many many tears of laughter shed.

Golden Snitch has a unique diet of grey with corn, she has the most fantabulous stories to tell and quite possibly the most refreshing and unique outlook on life. It would be cliche to say that every family needs someone like Golden Snitch, but in reality there is noone else in the world like Golden Snitch.

She is ours, we love her and we are proud to present her to you as a 2017 ARD Referee

Trip Hazzard – Referee

Trip Hazzard – Referee

Watch out, Trip Hazzard has his spandex out!

Trip Hazzard brings more to ARD than just refereeing he is our resident medic, our favourite of all the boys in the family and our much beloved walking encylopaedia on almost any topic. Trip Hazzard is a family favourite, despite his dubious choices in ultra tight fitting legwear, he looks after us both in terms of safety and sanity.

We are very lucky to have Trip Hazzard as a referee at our club, the amount of time and effort he puts in behind the scenes make him an invaluable resource to all.

We are proud to introduce Trip Hazzard as an ARD ref for 2017

Mandy – Chief Statistician

Mandy – Chief Statistician

Mandy is a superstar in training, whilst she upskills she has carved out the perfect niche for herself and given new life to the old saying- Stats are Sexy!

If Mandy were a horse, she’d be a dark one; quietly upskilling out of sight then arriving at training shocking the socks off everyone.  A key member of our family she is always available and poised ready to deliver killer one liners and extremely poignant remarks on the topic of the day.  As a product of our Make Yourself Proud programme, Mandy is a much beloved member of the team, a true asset to the group and completely key to our successes in 2017.

For the 2017 season Mandy is in training to burst onto the track and dominate for 2018.

For 2017 we are proud to introduce our queen of the Stats, Mandy

No Nails – Referee

No Nails – Referee

It is said that No Nails gets her no nonsense approach to officiating from riding dinosaurs in her spare time. It is also said that No Nails has No Fear and shows No Mercy – but we dont listen to heresay here.

In preparation for being the superstar of the 2018 season No Nails has taken on the role of referee to cement her knowledge of the game and how to play it, an excellent, temporary, addition to our referee crew, No Nails takes no prisoners and never hesitates on calling any penalty she sees.

We are very lucky to have No Nails, when she isnt putting us in our places she is making us literally howl with laughter and roll around on the floor. She is a precious member of our family

We are proud to introduce to you, for the 2017 season, Referee No Nails

LizARD – Referee

LizARD – Referee


LizARD is our first, best and most beloved referee. She may have had a cool sounding derby name, somewhere in the annals of history but she is known to us all simply as LizARD. A rock amongst the family and a much beloved friend to us all. Following an injury LizARD hung up her mouthguard and dedicated her time, energy and passion to becoming ARDs resident referee.

She is so much more to us than simply a zeeb, LizARD is our mother, our sister and the best friend any person, skater or not, could ever ask for in their life. We are very lucky to call LizARD one of our own and we are very privileged to have her as part of our family.

We are proud to introduce, for the 2017 season, LizARD



We have a structured recruitment process to ensure that every skater on our team not only can skate, but also knows the rules of roller derby and the way the game is played best.

If you are interested in Joining Arcadia Roller Derby, you can join our NSO (non skating officials) Programme whilst you learn to skate. Our expert Head NSO will quickly integrate you and get you involved in our weekly scrim session, so you can see what we’re all about.

If you are itching to be involved and dont know where to start then turn up to Ardwick Sports Hall at 5:45 on a Sunday Evening and say you want to be involved. Dont book or make appointments, just turn up.

Our door is always open and we love new faces

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